Our Streets Are Numbered

In September 2015, Accent Housing Association began disposal at auction of empty houses in the “numbered streets” of Horden. This was undertaken without consultation with the community, in contradiction to promises that had been made to tenants over several years, and despite local plans being drawn up for a community-owned housing scheme.

I worked with Professor Rachel Pain from the Department of Geography at Durham University to help her conduct a report highlighting the worsening situation by documenting the streets with a series of images.

The work then developed into a collaboration with Geoff & Brenda of Ribbon Road Band. With their songs and my images we put together 'Our Streets Are Numbered'. The work explores the numbered streets and the lives of people living around the streets. Included are some of the images and videos from the project.

To buy a copy of the DVD or for more information about Ribbon Road please follow this link.