Britain's Busiest Food Bank

The latest governmental decision to decrease the financial benefits has been met with prevailing resentment within society. In addition, the continuous news reports reflecting this issue are causing anxiety and feelings of insecurity in certain families, some of which have already experienced the effects of the financial cuts. Particularly, those are people on low income and in receipt of state benefits.

 To combat the increasing numbers of people in need, food banks are opening throughout the country at an alarming rate. In the last 5 years the amount of food bank users has gone from under 25,000 to over 1,000,000 and shows no signs of slowing. And although the food banks are some people’s only option, the idea of receiving food for free is strongly rejected by many.

Over 10 weeks I was allowed inside Newcastle’s West End Food Bank, meeting the people who work there and those who wouldn’t survive without it. With this project I would like to challenge the popular belief of using a food bank as a matter of choice. I aim to bring to life the media reports and statistics by showing what the reality is for people relying on Britain’s busiest food bank in this day and age.